custom fire pits new model

How to Plan Custom Fire Pits in the Backyard

Plan a backyard patio with custom fire pits, one kitchen and one outside dining area in order to receive friends and entertain family. You can build the patio as an extension of the home or as part of the backyard landscape, some distance from the house. Plan your outdoor kitchen thinking about the practicality, with easy options to clean and a place to store cold drinks. The fires can be [...]

Outdoor backyard fire pits 2014

Backyard Fire Pit in Using

You can opt for gas or firewood as fuel when you buy  the backyard fire pit. Instructions 1. Check the gas line, if your backyard fire pit as a source of fuel and refill the tank when needed. 2. Bring out to place around the fire, especially on cold nights chairs, when the ground is cold. 3. Start the fire. While a gas fire needs only the power switch, a wood fire will have to [...]

Best Stone Fireplaces Designs Ideas

Faux Fireplace Mantel Design

A tablecloth for the faux fireplace mantel or broker provides a colorful backdrop for the Yule decorations on display. Measure the length of the faux fireplace mantel and add two to four feet (61-122 cm). This provides one to two feet (31 to 61 cm) from each end drop. Choose the shortest length draped if you have a working fireplace. Measure the width of the faux fireplace mantel and add [...]

Large cedar fence panels

Cedar Fence Panels and Rosewood

Cedar fence panels is obtained from the tree of the same name that grows in the northeastern USA and Canada, the rosewood it is found on the west coast. Both woods have natural characteristics that are suitable for use in the construction of fences and outdoor projects. Compare both, cedar and rosewood from appearance. Appearance The rosewood has a reddish-brown natural color, which becomes darker as it is the innermost [...]

Small Electric Fireplace Insert

Comparing Brands of Small Electric Fireplace Logs

Small electric fireplace logs allow you to convert to convert your wood burning fireplace to an electric fireplace. Place the electric logs in the fireplace and connect, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of fire. You no longer have to gather wood, bring it in, load it into the fireplace and then keep the fire for hours. Instructions Compare Prices of small electric fireplace logs between brand names. [...]

Installing metal decking

How to Build a Cover Metal Decking

Metal decking – Most roofing decking is made ​​of fragile screens. While they are good for sunny days in cold and wet days, they do not stand up to the elements. The correct solution is to build a metal cover which is durable and solid at any temperature. It also offers protection from wind, rain and sun. Instructions Trace a mold of 89 x 89 mm directly on the edge [...]

beautiful aluminum deck railing

Some Secret Aluminum Deck Railing

Deck Railing Ideas know. Any aluminum deck railing plan is only as good as your creativity and anticipation of the many ways you can use your deck from quiet lounging and book reading to barbeque meals to 3 season use where you may need weather and bug protection. All these “potential uses” should be incorporated into the final design deck railing.   If you are looking for a modern finish [...]

Corner electric fireplace white design ideas

Corner Electric Fireplace Design

Corner electric fireplace – Often small spaces such as apartments, townhouses and condominiums did not originally come with a fireplace. However, tenants or homeowners who live in these small houses do not have to live without a home forever. Electric fireplaces are a great alternative for small homes since many models that take up little space or not, and some that are even portable. Wall, independent electric stoves and corner [...]

Rainforest Tabletop Water Fountain

Tabletop Water Fountains Design

The tabletop water fountains release negative ions that stimulate better concentration. Also humidify the dry air and the sound of water is relaxing. The tabletop fountains can be very simple to do, just need a bowl, a water pump, rocks and decor Tabletop water fountains purchase a small pump and plastic pipe water. You can find them at garden supply stores, hardware stores and aquariums, as well as internet. Choose [...]

Deck Paint Colors orange blue

Deck Paint Colors Comfortable Varnished

Deck paint colors comfortable varnished – If you want to paint a comfortable varnished, have to scrape the varnish to highlight the adhesive qualities or finally reject the new finish. You must also select the right kind of paint that promotes an attractive finish and retains its durability for long periods of time. Instructions To prepare the varnished cabinet to accept the paint, scrape the surface with sandpaper. Alisa vinyl [...]